Welcome Beautiful Soul.

I’m so glad you are here.

There are moments in life where we question our whole existence, where we wonder WHY we are even here, WHAT we are doing, and HOW to move on. It is in these moments that we truly learn WHO we are and I FEEL you, I have been exactly where you are.

I am a firm believer in that our breakdown can be our breakthrough.  

As we go through difficulties we are gifted a choice, evolve or remain. I hope you choose to evolve. I hope you always know that you are supported, and always strive to find the bigger purpose.  Life is a dance with pleasure and pain, but once you learn more about who you are and as your personal power evolves, there is nothing that can stop you. I promise you that! Choose to evolve, choose to love, and choose to see the light in the dark! I am always here for you.


Hi, I’m Jesse!

I am a Transformational Life Coach, Reiki Master, Occupational Therapist, and Intuition GURU! I love to help humans embody their worth by aligning their energy, utilizing their intuition and really coming home to who they truly are.

I am so honored to share my sacred gifts with other people. Connect with me!

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